Creatures Made Of Stardust

This realization strikes me every so often, and continues to fill me with awe: as this is what we are in the larger scale of things, in addition to being a creature made of flesh and blood here on earth! You just have to step back a bit to realize this, but when I look up to see the stars at night, I know we are made from the same magical stuff , and that we are related – In fact, these stars are our ancestors!

This also tells me that I relate to them not only as just another instance of cosmic being, but also as an instance of cosmic evolution the purpose of which is not yet understood.

But  how do you reconcile the existence of the most distant star with our own existence, when we’re essentially made of the same stuff – stardust – yet cannot begin to explain why either exists in the first place?

Which brings me once again to my favorite subject: where is evolution taking us? Already, from stellar dust to the present day human being – we have been on quite a journey!

Are we there yet?  I don’t think so … because we will know when we get there.  My worry is, we have so much further to go on the evolutionary plane,  we will get lost a million times before we will have even an inkling in which direction we should be heading.  In the meantime, we appear to be little more than a pathetic collection of lost souls as evidenced by the content of the world news media every day.


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