Does God Have a Belly Button?

According to the Christian bible, God created man in his own image. So this question occurred to me:  Given that we have one, does God have a belly button? I’m sure the Creationist will have an answer for this, and most likely they will reject the question as being “irrational”, since they believe God was not created and already existed before the beginning of time. Presumably, that is a “rational” position to hold for them, as it is consistent with everything else they have sucked out of their thumb on this subject, and allows them to hold absolute certainty on these matters.

Now my theory is that God did not create man – and that in fact the opposite is true: man created God. As a result  – God – in a metaphorical sense, would indeed  have had belly button, since he sprang from the fertile mind of mankind – and today for those who still believe in him  the umbilical cord is still attached and keeping the idea of God alive a little bit longer.

And so man created God, together with all the other metaphysical creatures that can be said to populate the mind. He created God during the first dawn of reflective thought, when his mind became a mirror and he saw the world and himself in it; and when he did not know how or why he came about, or what his purpose in life was. And so he invented the idea of God – a parental creator and authority –  in response to the questions he could not find an answer for – like a soother in the mouth of babes – until such time he would come of age and has the courage to face his destiny on his own, and to accept full responsibility for it.

And this will happen, surely, when he is able to step back from his own ignorance – and the very source of his primitive superstitions –  with the realization that he isn’t the creature caught in the mirror, but the actual source of it – that he is his own prime mover, and the embodiment of the force of life itself. That is: should we ever have the courage to open our eyes to consider and accept this.

 … It suggests that great discovery is the realization of something obvious; a presence staring us in the face, waiting until we open our eyes. (Michael Polanyi, in Science, Faith and Society)