Getting Organized for the Future

You would think that – if life is inherent in matter – and evolution drives the process of reaching ever higher levels of organizational complexity within it, there would be a continuation of this process in the collective consciousness that was brought about as a result of it.

And indeed, if you look at the various forms of human organization that we are familiar with today – and consider something as complex as a modern democratic nation state – its successful functioning depends entirely on the organizational capacity of its people to integrate its many socioeconomic, moral-legal, cultural and political dimensions into a stable entity that is able to persist over a long period of time.

In the end, we can see a world order that exemplifies this principle to the extent that individual abilities are maximized for everyone in the interest of the self and the larger good, and that should mean we are no longer a threat to ourselves or the planet we depend on for our continued survival and well-being.

Then, we will be ready for the next phase of cosmic evolution, whatever that may be.