On The Back Foot Once Again

And so another year has passed, and while the saying goes “another year older, another year wiser”, I’m not convinced that this actually applies to our species. It was a year ago  that one of the largest and most powerful countries in the world installed a political novice and intellectual lightweight of questionable character as their leader at a time that the world needed strong – and especially united – leadership to help save the planet from itself

The ensuing year proved many of the dire predictions true and consistent with what one might expect from having a leader who might best be described as “Captain Chaos” if it wasn’t for the fact that there is nothing comical  about the current leader in the White House. Well, perhaps his unique hairdo might qualify for a sad laugh or two. Personally, I very much regret ever having seen it.

I can’t help but think the Americans have done themselves – and in the process the world – a huge disserve by installing a head of state who couldn’t be more divisive even if he tried to. This as opposed to electing someone who would have made America “whole” again. And this is not to say that the loosing candidate would have made a much better choice – and although this would certainly have been the case in the intelligence and experience department – as divisiveness appears to have become a permanent feature on the US political landscape for some time now.

So, we start this year on the back foot once again,  as it is clear from the absolutely sorry state of the world today that  we haven’t got a clue of why or what we are doing here, all 7.6 billion of us, on this planet, in this universe, all the while fouling our own nest as we ride roughshod over our fellow human beings – as well as the many other living creatures on this earth – in a haze of metaphysical and ideological confusion, and in the West more than anything else, driven by insatiable consumerism.

For many – if not the vast majority of people in the world – it is difficult to see beyond the current moment as the effort to survive and provide for themselves and their families occupies their daily lives from morning to night.

Nevertheless, trying to understand life – or the raison d’être for it – our world, the larger universe, is something we should all have an interest in. That is, if we want to experience and value these things beyond the tragedy we appear to be mired in today, and in a way that show our daily actions to be steps in the larger task of advancing our species in line with an evolving universe that otherwise appears to be descending into entropy.

The inescapable fact remains that we are finding ourselves at the receiving end of a cosmic event that we do not grasp the meaning of by any stretch of the imagination, yet we soldier on regardless – seemingly without goal or purpose. Or at least no goal or purpose that would in any way make sense or do justice to the sheer scope and unimaginable effort that the universe represents and that is represented within every particle of our bodies. Even a mere inkling as to where we are going with this can be a beginning in the way we shape our lives and create a world that is more meaningful while suggesting a destiny that is worthy of this effort.

And when it comes to exploring these kinds of thoughts on a medium such as this blog for more than ten years now,  I am under no illusion that I am writing this  for a very small audience –  and as such will be stating my views primarily in my own echo chamber – but so long as I am making reasonable sense to myself I will be satisfied.

So why continue put it out on the internet then? Well, I continue to hope I can get someone else thinking about this material, and so I want to be sure I have presented my views as clearly as possible.

This is just to say that – if I have any pretensions at all – they apply to anyone who also believes that our species is in serious trouble and slowly but surely giving in to the forces of entropy. As such we appear to be marching towards extinction unless we change our ways significantly, and for the better – using the amazing creative energies that lie within – and towards a future that represents the very best in us. But, it is clear that this day has not yet come and is likely still some time away …

Only the day after tomorrow belongs to me. Some are born posthumously. (Nietzsche)

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