The Feeble Voice of Religion

Joseph Ratzinger, RC Pope, anachronism and pretender to some heavenly throne on earth – and who is already a fossil well before his time – claimed today that religion is ‘marginalized’ during his speech in Westminster Hall in the UK. He went on to warn the assembled that there were some people who wanted to see “the voice of religion be silenced”.

I presume I am one of those who would like nothing better than the voice of religion to be silenced, if only long enough for people to come to their senses so they will see through the pitiful sham it represents, be done with all that nauseating pomp and circumstance, and to start believing in themselves as the source of their own spiritually and redemption. This as opposed to being led like sheep down the garden path while having their pockets picked so Joe and all the other fat old farts can live like royalty in their palatial Roman digs.

I guess it is the misappropriation of being the local guardians of all morality that really sticks in my craw with these charlatans, particularly after being exposed for what they have being hiding amongt themselves in terms of the rampant incidents of child molestation committed by them over the last few years. More likely: over the last five hundred years! Hypocrisy is too mild a term to describe their despicable behaviour – and no greater pretenders were ever thus …