What Will They Dream Up Next?

It should be clear by now I’m always ready to rant against religious beliefs – of whatever denomination – should the opportunity present itself. So here we have the folks in India  of the Hindu variety, who –  at the occasion of the recent solar eclipse – gathered by the thousands to take a bath in the filthy and polluted Ganges river near the city of Varanasi in an attempt to gain some form of salvation from the cycle of life and death.

Apparently, this is about reincarnation – and wanting to be released from it. And the solar eclipse has some kind of cause and effect connection to this chain. (Don’t ask me how I don’t know, although I seem to recall that my parents at one time appeared to endorse the idea of reincarnation. Not that this made the bizarre idea of reincarnation any more credible in my mind – and more likely the contrary – not wanting to believe that after death my soul might well be recycled back into a cockroach.)

I guess it would have been a lot simpler to break the supposed chain of life and death by giving up your belief  in reincarnation – and you don’t have to wait for a solar eclipse to just ditch that kind of metaphysical claptrap – but clearly there is more to it than that.  These kinds of ridiculous and otherwise unsubstantiated beliefs are the mental poison of many generations, rendering their adherents vulnerable to mass manipulation by the charlatans of institutionalized religion – such as the pretenders to the throne of a Christ, or false prophets by any other name.

The only notion of salvation that would make sense in the current context  is to get clear of this pathetic streak of stupefying gullibility running through the human race; a debilitating if not fatal flaw by any other name,  but seemingly so deeply embedded in our DNA that I’m not sure how we will ever get rid of it. Likely, it will require an upgrade of our evolutionary path in the gray matter department, and until such time we’ll have to just keep limping along. Pity!